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What is the New BBA Centralized Audit Regime?

The Internal Revenue Service has a new audit regime to administer. Taxpayers frequently have asked their tax attorney: what is the new BBA centralized audit regime? Also, how will the new BBA audit regime impact their partnership? Moreover, taxpayer’s ask whether a partner can file an inconsistent tax return. The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015...
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Taxpayers often ask their tax attorney what they can do to dispute a tax liability or collection action when they receive an IRS Final Notice of intent to levy or Notice of Federal Tax Lien. Additionally, taxpayers ask what options they have in an IRS CDP hearing. Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 6320 provides a...
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EDD “Safe Harbor” Rules for Independent Contractors

In our last blog post we discussed what happens if the EDD reclassifies your independent contractors as employees. In this post, we’ll discuss how to ensure that that doesn’t happen if you have domestic workers. These are considered the EDD “safe harbor” rules for employers. According to the California Unemployment Insurance Code, section 687.2, an...
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The EDD Independent Contractor Test

If you are a business owner in the State of California and you have individuals working for you, it is critical to know whether those individuals should be classified as independent contractors or employees. Why Does the Difference Matter? The Employment Development Department (EDD) will treat employees differently than independent contractors for payroll tax purposes....
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