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Contact us today for a free consultation. When you call us for a free consultation, our highest priority is to listen and understand your questions and concerns. Then we will use every resource to provide you with the best game plan. We understand that receiving a tax notice from the IRS or state of California can be a frightening experience. We will be in your corner to protect your business and livelihood.

We can explain what to expect in an audit, appeal, court hearing, criminal investigation or offshore disclosure. Obtaining an early game plan is the best strategy. We offer free consultations, so contact us today.

One of the most frightening things about tax law is that anyone can come under examination—even if they’ve done nothing wrong. In such a scenario, you might be tempted to handle the situation yourself. This will only result in lost time and money in addition to added stress on your part. If you’re facing a tax controversy on a federal or state level, contact a tax attorney at Disparte Tax Law.

From our office in Irvine, CA, we’ll help you protect your assets, livelihood and freedom. Fill out our contact form below to get started, or call us at 323-522-4993.

Leave It to a Tax Lawyer

When you work with the lawyers at Disparte Tax Law, you’ll get personal attention. We boast large-firm assets and knowledge but small-firm compassion and dedication. We’ll help you determine the reason behind your tax controversy and find the best way to combat it so that you can get the taxman off your back and return to your normal life.

We are proud to offer our legal assistance for a wide variety of areas in the realm of tax law. Learn more about our practice areas to see what tax matters we can help you with. You can also view our testimonials from previous satisfied clients.

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