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Tax Law Practice Areas

How Can A Tax Lawyer Help Me?

A tax lawyer can represent you in negotiations to obtain to best resolution of your tax dispute, whatever it may be. A tax lawyer should have experience in procedural and technical tax issues.  We have the tax law and procedural expertise to guide you through your tax matters, including: tax audits, tax liability defense, Tax Court, offshore voluntary disclosures, streamlined offshore disclosures, administrative appeals arising from audits and enforced tax collection actions, criminal tax investigations, payroll tax disputes, unfiled tax returns, and claims for refund, to name a few of our practice areas. Moreover, our practice areas span the taxing agencies including the IRS, EDD, Sales Tax, and FTB. We are zealous advocates and are committed to defending our clients.

IRS Tax Disputes

Receiving a notice from the IRS can be a daunting experience. We have the experience and education to successfully help you resolve your IRS tax matter. Taxpayers frequently as tax lawyers how to achieve the best outcome. We have extensive experience in IRS tax matters, including tax audits, tax liability collection matters and installment agreements, offshore voluntary disclosures, administrative appeals, criminal investigations, Tax Court litigation, payroll tax disputes and the trust fund recovery penalty, alter ego and successor liability disputes, claims for refund, and FBAR matters. A tax lawyer must be passionate, compassionate and zealous advocates. We thoroughly understand how to use tax procedure to defend and protect our clients.

EDD Tax Disputes

The EDD focuses on worker classification and payroll tax matters for the State of California. We have extensive experience in EDD tax matters, including EDD audits, EDD administrative appeals, and EDD tax liability collection matters. Additionally, we have specialized knowledge in addressing the particular aspects of EDD matters.

California CDTFA Sales Tax Disputes

The CDTFA handles sales tax audits and the collection of tax liabilities arising from sales tax and other fees. Sales tax auditors generally utilize a variety of mathematical and statistical methods to propose tax assessments. A tax lawyer at Disparte Tax Law has extensive experience in sales tax audits and collection matters. As a result, you can take steps early on to ensure that your audit is concluded successfully. For example, if you have received a proposed tax assessment from the CDTFA, you have appeal rights. Also, in the appeals process, you can attempt to eliminate or reduce a proposed tax assessment by providing documentation to support your position.

FTB Tax Disputes

The Franchise Tax Board or FTB oversees the state income tax of taxpayers in California, including business entities. Indeed, the FTB monitors the franchise tax board fee that business entities must pay on a yearly basis. The FTB also works in tandem with the state criminal investigation agencies to conduct criminal tax investigations. Moreover, the FTB also conducts a variety of types of tax audits of individuals and business. If you have a state FTB tax liability, the FTB can also employ enforced collection activities. If you have an FTB tax matter, we can help. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in FTB tax matters.

If you are experience tax problems with the IRS, EDD, CDTFA, or FTB, a tax lawyer can help provide the best options for resolution. Contact a tax lawyer at Disparte Tax Law Today for a Free Consultation.

Should I contact a Tax Lawyer?

If you are experience tax problems with the IRS a tax lawyer can help provide the best options for resolution. Contact a tax lawyer at Disparte Tax Law Today for a Free Consultation.